Pat Coady

Director and Senior Investigator

Pat is a licensed private investigator with 43 years’ investigative experience.

He has built a solid reputation as a successful, trusted and discreet investigator and consultant.

Pat has been responsible for the planning, execution and management of a number of high-profile investigations, which required a wealth of investigative experience and integrity.

Prior to Corporate Risks, Pat worked as a criminal investigator in the New Zealand Police for 26 years and retired as the manager of all covert policing within Canterbury.

Ron Shannon

Senior Investigator

Ron is a licensed private investigator with 35 years’ investigative experience.

Ron has accumulated vast experience as an insurance investigator covering insurance claims relating to health, income protection, liability, fire cause and origin, vehicle, theft and travel. He has a thorough understanding of insurance claim requirements.

He has sound business acumen and was previously the director of three successful companies.

Prior to Corporate Risks, Ron worked for the New Zealand Police, where he was an established and experienced investigator of serious crime.

Micky Earl

Senior Investigator

Micky is a licensed private investigator with 32 years’ investigative experience.

Micky has comprehensive experience planning, executing and managing all facets of covert and overt policing operations; this includes a particular specialty and interest in the management of all forms of serious crime investigations.

Before joining Corporate Risks, Micky not only worked as a criminal investigator, but he also managed investigation teams working on large and complex investigations with the New Zealand Police.

Al Lester

Senior Investigator

Al is a licensed private investigator with 31 years' investigative experience.

During his experience with the Police, Al worked on a broad range of investigations. These included homicide and attempted homicide, sexual violation, serious assault, fraud, aggravated robbery, kidnapping and aircraft crashes.

Before joining Corporate Risks, Al worked as a criminal investigator with the New Zealand Police, where he also managed investigations teams working on large and complex operations.

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